Octopus Energy Retail

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In the first 3 months of 2021, a third of a million homes switched to Octopus - and Germany and the USA are following a similar trajectory.

Octopus Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity and gas to more than 5 million UK homes - providing cheaper, greener power not only under our own brand, but also via our partners Affect Energy, London Power and Co-op Energy.

Our Energy Specialists deliver exceptional customer service thanks to Kraken, our own entech platform. In 2023, we were recommended by Which? for a record six years in a row.

We're bringing Octopus Energy to the world, with Octopus offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the USA and New Zealand, and our joint venture with Tokyo Gas introducing Octopus Energy to Japan.

For more information on our retail business, including those outside the UK, please visit our country-specific home pages:

Octopus Energy Great Britain

Octopus Energy Germany

Octopus Energy USA

Octopus Energy Japan

Octopus Energy New Zealand

Octopus Energy Spain

Octopus Energy Italy

Octopus Energy France

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