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Zoisa North-Bond


Joined 2018. Previously:

CEO at Eneco UK. Loud Group, Freuds. University of London.

Octopus Energy Generation replaces the traditional asset management approach to financing renewable energy generation with a technology-driven model based on dynamic data, machine learning, and better realtime matching of supply and demand.

In March 2021, we announced the proposed acquisition of sister company Octopus Renewables, bringing one of the largest portfolios of renewable energy generation in Europe - an asset base that generates the equivalent energy consumption of around 1.2 million homes - into the Octopus Energy Group.

In January 2021, we bought two wind turbines in East Yorkshire in England and Caerphilly in South Wales: the 'Fan Club'. Together they provide enough energy to power 800 homes, and with them, we are proving that energy generation can benefit the local community.

Local Octopus Energy customers benefit from 100% renewable wind-powered energy production in real time. The turbines spin about 98% of the time, and the faster the wind blows, the cheaper the electricity provided to our customers. Wind forecasts, as well as transparent, real-time online rates, help customers harness cheaper energy directly from nature. By buying wind turbines, Octopus Energy cuts the supply chain even further from generator, to network, to supplier - to customer.

The combination of deep technology expertise alongside $4.5B worth of generation assets is a first in the energy sector. OE Generation assets span 300 projects across 8 countries, focused predominantly in solar and onshore wind. The acquisition puts the entire energy supply chain under a single management team: from investment, to generation, to choices around flexibility, to trading - all the way through to supply - positioning OEG to drive the green energy revolution faster than anyone else.

For more information on our activities in generation, please read more about Octopus Fan Club or visit the Octopus Renewables website.

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