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Zoisa North-Bond


Joined 2018. Previously:

CEO at Eneco UK. Loud Group, Freuds. University of London.

Octopus Energy for Business uses technology to create innovative products for local energy supply, niche supply and providing fairly priced green energy.

Electric Juice is our dynamically priced, 100% green electricity tariff for electric vehicles. We help businesses to keep costs low by providing transparency on distribution, wholesale and our supplier margins. Technology enabled dynamic pricing means businesses can charge their fleet at times when electricity is the least expensive.

The Electric Juice Network offers a slick, easy charging experience for electric vehicles across numerous charging networks around the UK and Europe including IONITY, Osprey, Franklin LiFe, Greenflux, Plug-n-Go, Alfa Power, Hubsta and Char.gy. After launch in May 2020, EJN won 'Best EV Innovation' at the Driving Electric Awards 2021.

Panel Power is a combined energy tariff for businesses that have solar power to export. It's designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, paying them for surplus energy supplied back to the grid.

Vertical Power is an energy tariff specifically created for vertical farms - that is, indoor agriculture companies using technology to create local food supply and security, reduce waste and improve sustainability. Vertical Power specifically tailors renewable energy tariffs for this purpose, for example, accessing half-hourly energy prices that can help farmers save up to 15% versus a standard tariff.

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