Octopus Electric Vehicles

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Joined 2017. Previously:

Bain and Co, Hive & OVO Energy. Oxford, Engineering.

Launched in 2017, Octopus Electric Vehicles (OEV) is the UK's go-to Electric Vehicle specialist, offering a full service on EVs: from expert advice on financing, to maintenance, home-charging installations, specific electric vehicle tariffs, as well as assistance in buying an electric car.

OEV is not tied to one specific manufacturer or partner, rather offers a range of vehicles from forward-thinking car manufacturers like Nissan, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, VW and Tesla. By offering the bundle of vehicle, charging solution and tariff, we aim to transform the automotive sector by bringing the cost of switching and using an electric vehicle down. Our impartial position on manufacturers means we are able to offer advice based on our customers’ needs, rather than our own.

Our Powerloop V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technology is a new way of thinking about home energy management. It enables the average home to set up a constant energy cycle: allowing energy to flow from the house to the car battery, and from the car battery to the grid.

For more information visit the Octopus Electric Vehicles website.

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